Connect Slack and Telegram

Two-way integration between groups.
Easy setup. Unlimited members, messages, files.
$25/month per connection. 7 days free trial.

Enterprise solution (separate audited backend or on-premise license, unlimited connections, branding): contact us

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How to use

Installation guide (7 steps, approx. 5 minutes)

1. Install the app to Slack

After installation, open Slack and go to Slagram's home screen.

2. Create new connection

Click "New connection" and finalize subscription. You'll see a product key. Copy it to the clipboard, you'll need it soon.

3. Add Slagram to Slack channel

3a. In a Slack channel you'd like to connect with Telegram, press lightning button and choose "Slack".

3b. Alternatively, type "@Slagram" (with @) in a message box, press "Invite" and skip to step 5.

4. Add Slagram to Slack channel (cont'd)

Click "Add apps to this channel"; choose and add Slagram.

5. Connect the channel

Paste the product key you copied in step 2 (home screen).

6. Add @SlagramBot to Telegram group

In Telegram, press "Add members" and add @SlagramBot.

7. Connect the group

Paste the product key there too.

All done

Welcome aboard!


What customers say

Slagram is used by some world's top 100 giants, medium and small businesses alike. Here we publish those who were kind enough to provide testimonials.

“Communications slipping through the cracks can cost you losing clients. Many of my clients are on Telegram and don't want to use Slack. My entire team is on Slack. I desperately needed a way for my team to communicate from Slack with my clients on Telegram. This product is a God send. You can communicate 1 to 1 and 1 to many and it's so surprisingly easy to use!”

Robert Grant
CEO, Reach Global Media

“We use Slagram and Skylack and both are working great. In case something happens the team replies really fast and resolves any issue within a few hours max.”

Alexander Abgaryan
Founder, IT Magic

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